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Innovative ministries

As the PC(USA) grows in diversity alongside our culture, we recognize that innovative ministries are vital to the flourishing of the changing Church. We have dedicated funding to support the continuing investment in innovative ministry solutions. Additionally, funding has been set aside to support new forms and contexts as ideas surface from within the Church.

Shared Ministry Program

The Shared Ministry Program encourages congregations through benefits dues subsidies to covenant to create sustainable pastoral positions. This new dues program expands the shared ministry model beyond the Pittsburgh Presbytery Pilot. The program offers:

  • benefits support when two or more congregations partner to provide full-time employment to a minister of the Word and Sacrament in an installed or non-installed position and sign a covenant with the Board of Pensions
  • a three-year dues subsidy of 50% of the cost of benefits, up to $10,000 per year

Dues incentive programs

We encourage innovation in ministry through the continuation and development of dues incentive programs.

Benefits grants for organizing pastors and evangelists

Benefits grants for organizing pastors and evangelists employed or authorized by presbyteries will continue. These grants provide benefits support for up to five years as these ministers work to spread the gospel and develop new congregations.

Pathways to Renewal sunsets

The Pathways to Renewal dues incentive program has been sunset as the new Congregational Pastors Package approximates the subsidy for small churches. Those enrolled in Pathways to Renewal as of Dec. 31, 2023, will continue in that dues structure for the approved five-year window or until the dissolution of the call.

The valuable information gathered during Pathways to Renewal’s successful duration has been applied to the creation of the Congregational Pastors Package. The dues structure of this new package closely mirrors the structure of Pathways to Renewal. Our learning from the Pathways to Renewal program led to the creation of the Congregational Pastors Package to support congregations nationwide.

140 new calls have been created through Pathways to Renewal and benefits grants for organizing pastors and evangelists.