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Understanding medical coverage

Watch these videos to learn more about medical coverage.

Medical coverage: The basics 

Your medical coverage through the Benefits Plan pays for or shares the cost of doctor bills, surgery, and hospital stays, along with the cost of preventive care, prescription drugs, dental, vision, and other services. These videos from Kaiser Family Foundation, a leading provider of health information, explain some basic health insurance terms that also apply to your medical coverage and can help you understand how it works. 


Watch this video to learn about your premium ¾ the amount you or your employer pays monthly, quarterly, or yearly for your medical coverage. For medical coverage through the Board of Pensions, we refer to this amount as dues.

Provider networks

Learn what a provider network is and how to take advantage of discounts your medical plan negotiates with network doctors, hospitals, and facilities. 

Out-of-pocket costs

Even with medical coverage, you will likely have to pay something for a doctor visit or prescription. This video explains out-of-pocket expenses like copays, coinsurance, and deductibles, and when you might have to pay them. 




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